by Innerout

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Innerout at the time of this recording:

Christian Starr
Dylan Dunagan
Joe Suthers
Nathan Haines


released May 12, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Artwork by Joe Suthers



all rights reserved


Innerout Charleston, South Carolina

Pedalcore band from Charleston, SC.


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Track Name: Fair Play
Static tinging ears
Permeating things
I cannot perceive
Laughing at me

If walls could talk
The house would shake
It'd scream and shout
A speech was made

Drifting through a hazel haze alone

We roar out a Hail Mary
Because you wanted to
Drifting through a hazy-haze
Searching for
Crippling hands
I roar out a Hail Mary
Because I wanted to

Searching for
Crippling hands
To revel through
The wreckage

We could watch
The ashes fall
Soft spoken ankles
Track Name: Spiritual Elsewhere
I tried to look past and see something different
I crawl through the ruin, my body a hinderance
And how many times, I was right?

You were a light I couldn't see
The leaves blowing through my dead trees
Leaves blowing through my dead dreams
You're gone

I tried to look past and see something different
I crawled through the ruin my body a hinderance

I am still here, alone
Track Name: Open Season
Always facing your side of the bed
Wondering where you left

I want you to see
The cracks in your reality that led you to me
A long walk home at night
A ritual of sacrifice

You wash me away
Track Name: Complexion
I thought there was chance
I thought there was hope
You came so quickly
I fawned over you

You picked me up, thanks for that
You let me go, thanks for that
You picked me up, let me go
Like everyone I know

Perfect in every way
I should've known
That these feelings
Would ensue

Star streaming lights
That scream across the sky
Burnt up and fading
I'm fucking failing
Crash course on you

I burn
Track Name: Desired Things Pt 2
Keeping kind to my soul
With all of these failing pipe dreams
You said life was beautiful
I don't believe a word of it

Pocketing sand that fell from dead stars
I used it to build castles on the coast
Made from our memories
You seem to have lost

The shore crept up and washed away
You said you couldn't stay
Over and over and over and over and over again
You are my stunning spore
Lull me to sleep

Pocketing sand from dead stars
I swear things will change
Over and over and over and over and over again
I tried to look past and see something different

But there was