Don't Try

by Innerout

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Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us in any way.

"We have everything and we have nothing."


released February 14, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Paul Hundeby of City Pro Recordings in Orlando, Florida.
Mastered by Kris Crummett of Interlace Audio
Album art by Logan Olds

Bass / Vocals - Christian Starr
Guitar / Vocals - Nathan Haines
Guitar - Joe Suthers
Drums - Dylan Dunagan
Guest vocals on 1076 by John Chapman, Y'shua Ortiz-Escobedo, and Paul Hundeby
Guest vocals on Desiderata by Y'shua Ortiz-Escobedo



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Innerout Charleston, South Carolina

Pedalcore band from Charleston, SC.


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Track Name: 1076
Night terrors from when you left me
Sleep soft, sleep quiet
If it makes you happy.

Run away / Just like before
Run away / I know you'll say
Can't stay / Just like before
Can't stay / Just like before

Your warmth / Disappear
Your heart / Disappear
Your grace / Disappear
In time / You fade away

Dust settles on abandoned ships
On a coast of dreams and despair I rest
Searching for meanings through a blinding fog
I see a silhouette, my knees begin to fall
Begging for forgiveness and hopes for change
But you turn away, you turn away.

No warmth
No heart
No grace
You fade away

And I won't beg you to stay, not anymore.
Track Name: Tides
The moon above
Shining in the swells of your eyes
A sea of regret
I can no longer suffice

I tried, I failed / I've given all I had
I tried, I failed / Left to drown in your tides

A sacrifice,
A departure,
A promise;
I've given up.


Your tides brought me here
Take me home

The still moon
Hangs above
Shining over harbingers.
Waves of light
Crashing, breaking
Your decisions change with the current

Your tides brought me here
Take me home
Track Name: Desiderata
My friends are here
To cushion the blows I might take

Don't go home without saying goodbye
Don't go home without kissing goodnight

Be kind to your soul
"With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams"
Life is still beautiful
"Strive to be happy"
Track Name: Wouldn't Happen
Another night alone
I remember every light in your eyes
Forgotten time.
Drinking myself to sleep
Searching for some sort of warmth
You promised to be different
Things could be different

Kill me again, and again, and again.

Every kiss, another loss
Every breath, a second lost
How can you save anyone
Without willing to sacrifice anything?

My lover.
My friend.
My beginning.
My end.